Friday, December 16, 2005

[BNAT] The Most Dangerous Game

This was produced by Merian C. Cooper - who produced the 1933 King Kong - and featured Fay Wray - who played Ann Darrow in that film. It stars Joel McCrea and tells the story of the lone survivor of a shipwreck who conveniently happens upon the castle of an eccentric count, who is also hosting a few survivors of another shipwreck. The count, like the movie's protagonist, is an avid hunter. But he has grown weary of hunting deer and tigers. So, as it transpires, he is now hunting humans instead, since they offer the most challenging hunting experience.

This is, pretty clearly, a B-movie, but that's not a putdown. It's highly enjoyable. Some of the sets are the exact ones that were used in King Kong, which is interesting for a geek, at any rate, and the count's "trophy" room is truly creepy. The shipwreck scene may be accidentally funny (especially a guy yelling "He got me!" when a shark bites him) and there are some weird and unintentional cultural insults. But for what it is, the film works really well.

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