Friday, July 10, 2009

Away We Go

A little film by Sam Mendes (of American Beauty and Revolutionary Road fame), and one that's missing (to its credit) his trademark artistic stamp. The couple in this story are a far cry from the dysfunctional couples of his other films, and it's refreshing to see a story that puts obstacles in people's way without making it about their happiness with each other. I found this story very easy to relate to, as the characters are the exact age that I am and going on a journey similar to one I recently embarked on.

Fans of The Office will adore John Krasinski in this, as he is a bearded and slightly more outgoing Jim. And I was very pleasantly surprised by Maya Rudolph's quietly poignant performance. There's a scene on a trampoline where they exchange "marriage" vows that is probably my favorite moment in the film, along with Maya Rudolph singing a Bob Dylan song as a lullaby to the child of one of her friends.

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