Friday, July 10, 2009

Public Enemies

Wonderful meat-and-potatoes Michael Mann, along the lines of his amazing and underrated Heat. Johnny Depp is great, as always, and I'm falling harder for Marion Cotillard every time I see her. But, while I found their courtship charming, I was even more impressed with them when they were on their own than when they shared the screen. Except for the love scene. It's been a while - I guess since Chocolat - since Depp has done a romantic scene like that, and I'd forgotten how ... excuse me, I just need a moment.

Okay. Everyone else in the film more than carries their weight. Christian Bale is wonderful as the law man obsessed with bringing Dillinger down, and Billy Crudup is incredible as a young J. Edgar Hoover (HOW did he make his neck disappear for this role???). Also of note is David Wenham as Pete Pierpoint and Branka Katic as Anna Sage (the famed "Woman in Red" - or in this film, the more historically accurate orange skirt and white top).